Termékinformáció, Kérelem Promóciós csomag elküldésére

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By Terge Ildikó
Friday, 11. January 2019 - 23:41
Tc. Schar ! Szeretném ha felvennék a nevem a klub tagjai közé és nekem is elküldenék a Promóciós csomagot. Előre is köszönöm szépen: Terge Ildikó Miskolcról
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2 months 1 week ago
English, USA

To make it easier for newly diagnosed consumers to start following a gluten-free diet, we offer a welcome package containing a small product selection and informational materials.

To receive the package, please request a card with a code from your nutritional specialist. Please follow the instructions on the card.

If your doctor or nutritional advisor are out of cards, please ask them to contact us. We will then take care of the rest.