Beth Brooks

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By Tbrooks5
Saturday, 18. March 2017 - 16:47
Where can I buy your products in North Carolina? I am able to find loaf bread but have not seen any of the other breads you make.
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By Samantha Consumer Service
2 years 1 month ago
We have a couple different ways that you can do this . First way is to go to you’re going to scroll down until you see a cartoon looking store and it says “Try Our New Store Locator” you should click that and it will direct you to a page called “Destini”. You can then type in your zip code and filter what specific products you are looking for.

If there is no results your closest option would be going to either or and you can order individual products online. Also, you can order Schar Products online through our 3rd party online store at our website. Our Ecommerce staff is ready to take your order. Our 3rd party online store is or call them direct at 1-815-552-6039. The Online Store sells all products in Full Cases and there are no shipping costs. Also we have a small distributor that has an online store called Gluten Free Mall, they carry all of Schar’s line of products and you do not have to order in cases. You can also call them direct at 1-866-575-3720.

If none of this works for you or you need help doing anything you can give me a call at 201-355-8470 Ext 4240.

-Have a great day!!