My gluten free week

My gluten free week

Our weekly schedule with its delicious recipes, for an easy start to your gluten free lifestyle.

Starting is easy. With our menu plan for your first gluten free week , switching over to a gluten-free diet is a guaranteed success. Prepared by nutritionists, our menus help you balance your meals, without any gluten.

Using our food diary and keeping a note of everything you consume throughout the day, helps you uncover hidden dietary errors and avoids any future unintentional ingestion of gluten. This is how you identify your eating habits too! To use the food diary, register now at our Schär Club.

Before a visit to the shop, it's best to plan ahead and make a list. This way, you can ensure you buy the correct ingredients and put enough fruit and vegetables into your basket. Here you will also learn how to safely recognise foods containing gluten.

And here’s the weekly plan and recipes again!

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