What will your first gluten-free week look like?

What will your first gluten-free week look like?

A gluten free diet can be healthy, tasty and balanced.

Due to the wide range of gluten-free cereal products nowadays, a balanced diet for those affected by coeliac disease is also possible – especially as lots of products are, by nature, gluten-free.

With a strict gluten-free, balanced diet the requirements for nutrients, vitamins and mineral nutrients are met.

A varied diet is important to remain healthy and fit. A healthy daily diet can be illustrated with a pyramid. It is divided into various layers, each layer comprising a group of food items. The food in the lower pyramid layer (vegetables and fruit) should be eaten in greater quantities than those in the upper layer (fats).

The following 10 rules established by the German association for nutrition (DGE) apply also to those affected by coeliac disease:

  1. eat variedly
  2. lots of gluten-free grain products (bread, pasta, cereal flakes) as well as by nature gluten-free cereal types such as rice, maize, quinoa, amaranth, millet and potatoes
  3. 5 a day (vegetables and fruit)
  4. daily intake of milk or milk products, 1-2 times fish per week, 2-3 times meat per week, a maximum of 3 eggs per week (including processed ones) – always choose the lower fat option
  5. not too much fat and fatty food (60-80 g fat per day), preferably vegetable fats (olive-, rapeseed-, pumpkin seed- or sunflower oil)
  6. sugar and salt in moderation (iodised salt with fluoride)
  7. plenty of fluid (1-2 litres per day), water, unsweetened herbal teas, diluted juices
  8. prepare the food in a tasty and gentle way (steam instead of boiling, grill instead of roasting, use non-stick frying pans)
  9. take your time when eating and enjoy your food

watch your weight and get enough movement


Our menu proposals facilitate the first steps into a gluten-free diet. The dishes are easy to prepare and can be used as desired, according to one’s taste or preference, as a basis for other dishes. There are also numerous recipe books for gluten-free dishes. Let your fantasy run wild in the kitchen!