Best in Gluten Free

Best in Gluten Free

Tradition meets expertise: enjoyable gluten free living with Schär.

We at Schär can proudly call ourselves the best when it comes to gluten free: For more than 35 years we have been dedicated to gluten free enjoyment for happy moments in life. We research, develop and produce high-quality, gluten free products from nutritious, naturally gluten free ingredients for a balanced diet. Our quality standards, which are supported by our in-house research team, set the benchmarks for the industry. We see health and quality of life as inseparable. Our products and the entire production chain are one hundred percent gluten free and guarantee full enjoyment and interesting variety. We at Schär support your individual nutritional needs with the world’s largest selection of gluten free branded products.

Writing history: Schär is pioneering gluten free quality of life

Europe’s favourite gluten free brand started in a little chemist’s and health food shop in Meran/Merano in South Tyrol. Today we at Schär are your partner of choice for the ultimate gluten free diet and lifestyle. Every day, on your behalf, we put a huge amount of effort and commitment into research, education and other services concerning coeliac disease and gluten/wheat sensitivity.

The Schär brand was founded in 1922. It was initially a gluten free infant formula, produced by the Chief Medical Officer for Innsbruck, Dr. Anton Schär. When Ulrich Ladurner took over his parents’ chemist’s and health food shop at the age of 23, he was already interested in these gluten free products. He introduced them to the shop's range of products and eventually took over the entire brand in 1979. He believed in the potential of the products because he knew from conversations with his customers that there was no really suitable food for people with coeliac disease . From then on, he specialised in supplying gluten free foods, eventually launching the Schär brand on the market in 1981.

“The topic of gluten free products fascinated me from the very start. When I officially registered the company in 1981, I had no idea how the subject of coeliac disease would develop. I assumed it was a niche market. The decisive factor for me was never how big the niche was, but how strong people’s needs are and what I can do for their needs. This fundamental belief still exists today and is the basis for giving our best every day”
Ulrich Ladurner, Chairman

Gluten free foods revolutionise the market


35 years ago, the diagnosis rate for coeliac disease was comparatively low. The topic of intolerances was slow to become a hot topic. Interest in and the need to develop gluten free recipes grew in proportion to this development.
It is estimated that one in every 100 people is affected by coeliac disease. To this day, eating gluten free food is regarded as the only way of dealing with this intolerance. Previously, a gluten free diet was based on simple, naturally gluten free recipes made from rice, maize and potatoes. Schär gradually introduced gluten free products including a range of biscuits and gluten free flour to the shelves.

This was a kind of revolution for those affected and they gradually rediscovered their quality of life. Finally, someone was offering a proper solution: gluten free products that met their needs according to nutritional science. Schär continues to offer gluten free versions of popular conventional foods today. They come very close to these in taste, smell, appearance and consistency and fit seamlessly into today’s lifestyle. These products include healthy, gluten free convenience foods.

An in-house gluten free research team for improved quality and education


From the beginning it was clear that only the best quality guarantees real flavour and safety. This in turn improves quality of life and makes it easier to adhere to a gluten free diet. This is why we at Schär strive to offer the best possible quality and improve it every day. From very early on there was a separate department especially for product development. At first, an ambitious baker was responsible for expanding and perfecting the range. Later this job was performed by food technologists. At Schär, we have always relied on close cooperation with nutrition experts, doctors and coeliac disease associations.

Increasing expertise and demand in the European market led Schär to open its own research laboratory in Trieste in 2003. A scientific committee, which includes international experts, is convened on a regular basis: doctors, gastroenterologists and nutrition experts examine coeliac disease and gluten/ wheat sensitivity from a holistic perspective. They advise and inform each other about changes in symptoms and diagnostic techniques with the long-term aim of reducing the number of unreported cases of coeliac disease. In lectures and specialist journals, the experts discuss findings and contribute to a comprehensive broadening of knowledge concerning gluten free living for everyone who comes into contact with the subject of coeliac disease, e.g. family doctors, nutritionists and many other professional groups.