TOP 5 winter destinations

TOP 5 winter destinations

Discover my TOP 5 winter destinations for a perfect gluten free holiday!

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It’s finally Christmas time and we are ready to pick the next destination for the perfect winter treat! Here you will find my top 5 winter destinations, for the best gluten free holiday.


This may seem like a non-conventional winter destination, but it’s surely the best place you could fly to if you are willing to spend Christmas time in a warm weather! Marrakech is the most elegant and colorful Moroccan city, close to the Merzouga desert, ideal for a 4-day trip discovering the beauty of this country. There are some gluten free options too in the city: have a look at my gluten free guide to read more about it!



A classical winter destination is this Belgian city, located just across the border with the Netherlands. You can easily reach it by bus or by train from either Bruxelles or Amsterdam, and it is perfect for a one (or two)-day trip to see its Christmas Markets. If you want to read more about the gluten free restaurants in town have a look here.



Amsterdam is one of my favorite European cities, but during Christmas time it gets even better! All over the city you can spot amazing light installations for the Light Festival which takes place each year during all December. There you can also find great gluten free options too! Have a look at my gluten free guide to know more about it.



Paris is always a good choice, all year long! But with the lights out it becomes surely the most romantic city in the world. Discover some of my favorite gluten free spots here!



The number 1 gluten free winter destination is Dublin of course! This city is the ideal location for gluten free holidays, as it is one of the most informed place all over Europe for celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Head to my gluten free guide for some of the not-to-miss gluten free spots in town!


No matter which winter destination you are going to choose, always have a look at Schär’sEat” link!