Summer destinations

TOP 5 gluten free summer destinations

Discover my TOP 5 summer destinations for a perfect gluten free holiday!

Vittoria: 27 years old, a coeliac girl living life one flight at a time.

It’s finally time to pack everything and start your vacation! Even if most of you already planned this summer’s holidays, here is my TOP 5 summer destinations for a perfect gluten free treat! Who knows, maybe one of them is going to be your next destination.


This small country right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is one of the top choices for summer holidays of all Europeans! Not only Malta, but also Gozo and Comino (the other two smaller islands forming the archipelagos of Malta) will surprise you with beautiful beaches, great cultural sites and an amazing landscape. In Malta and especially in its most touristic cities (La Valletta, the capitol, Bugibba or Saint Julian) you can find some good gluten free options, either naturally gluten free or some nice alternatives for celiacs and intolerants. Check out my guide here.



There’s nothing compared to the tropical coastline of Greece, especially for beach lovers. You can choose one of the thousands of beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea, or just visit one of the many lovely cities by the sea in the continental area. Either ways, you will surely fall in love with the great atmosphere typical of Greek culture, and its lovely food! Last year I visited Thessaloniki, the second biggest city of Greece: see all the best gluten free spots in town in my guide here.



Are you more of the adventurous type? Then the best summer destination for your holiday is for sure Portugal! The easiest (and funniest!) way to discover this amazing country is with a road trip, from Porto to Lisbon, then further down to the Algarve region for the best beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. Portuguese food is amazing and most of it naturally gluten free too, but if you want to check some special gluten free spot on the road have a look at my guide here.



Our TOP 5 summer destination is almost at the end, and the best is yet to come! But surely a special place in this chart is dedicated to the Spain, a wonderful country with incredible places where to spend your summer holidays. But most importantly, it is a celiac’s paradise when it comes to safe gluten free options! All over the country you will find so many informed restaurants and celiac-safe options that you will have to take a whole month to try them all! Last spring I went in Barcelona and here is my guide of it.



The top summer destination for great gluten free holidays is of course Italy! Amazing beaches, beautiful landscapes, incredible sunsets, great cultural heritage and (last but not least!) the best gluten free food you can possibly find. From Milan to Sicily, there’s plenty of options to heal your body and soul all summer long. Go check out my guides on Milan here and Sicily here.


No matter which summer destination you are going to choose, always have a look at Schär’s “Eat link!