Grain power!

Grain power!

Premium raw ingredients: power-grains for naturally gluten free quality!

Not all gluten free products are the same. We therefore only use selected top-quality raw ingredients. Thanks to their excellent nutritional properties, these true grasses, seeds, knotweeds, goosefoots and amaranthaceae are also real nutritional treasures among our gluten free raw ingredients. They are genuine power-grains that are rich in high-quality vital substances and nutrients. And you can taste it! After all, you should always be able to enjoy flavour as part of a gluten free diet.

Our farmers: the heroes of the gluten free fields


Our power-grains don't just come from anywhere. When sourcing gluten free raw ingredients, we at Schär leave nothing to chance; instead we trust the skill and experience of our farmers.

Our gluten free products would be nothing without the confidence that we have in our dedicated contract farmers. Not only do they produce top-quality gluten free raw ingredients, they fulfil the most stringent requirements on an ongoing basis - and our demands for meticulously controlled, sustainable cultivation are high. After all, we want gluten free products that guarantee absolute security and can also simply offer more in terms of flavour and well-being.

Going global, gluten free - the grains we love

Enjoy gluten free living: the outstanding flavour and nutritional values of our high-quality, gluten free raw ingredients used to create our products develop best where they are indigenous. We source our power-grains from other European countries wherever possible so that we can offer you a wide variety of delicious gluten free flavour.

15 power-grains: our stars in a gluten free sky

Here’s a brief overview of our raw ingredients and the nutritious properties they offer for a balanced diet!





  • Country of origin: Near East
  • Power-grain benefit: Tastes good and good for skin, hair and nails!
  • Popular Schär products: Biscotto all'Avena (oatmeal biscuits), Knäckebröd (crispbread)




  • Country of origin: East Africa
  • Power-grain benefit: This grain is great for skin and hair - and it tastes great too!
  • Popular Schär products: Penne ai Cereali





  • Country of origin: Near East
  • Power-grain benefit: Contains plenty of dietary fibre and nutritious omega-3 fatty acids
  • Popular Schär products: Mix It - Dunkel, Sauerteigbrot, Landbrot (multigrain rustic bread)


  • Country of origin: Central America
  • Power-grain benefit: Contains iron, calcium, magnesium and plenty of vitamins.
  • Popular Schär products: Landbrot (multigrain rustic bread), Sandwich bianco

Sweet lupins

  • Country of origin: Western Mediterranean
  • Power-grain benefit: Boosts the digestive system
  • Popular Schär products: Waffles, Vollkornbrot (wholemeal bread), Mini C's Cheese


  • Country of origin: Central America
  • Power-grain benefit: A great source of protein
  • Popular Schär products: Fruit Müsli

Sunflower seeds

Research focus: gluten free power grains


Bread, biscuits, pasta and snacks: the variety of Schär's product range is matched by the variety of ingredients necessary for a tasty, balanced diet. We want to use the essential nutrients contained in our power-grains in the best possible way. This job is fulfilled by our Nutrition Service experts. They are in constant contact with the Scientific Committee, which was founded in 2009, and have been working closely with our R&D team in Trieste, in north-eastern Italy for many years.

Together, they are working to ensure that the gluten free cereals are in no way inferior to their conventional, non-gluten free “brothers and sisters”: they should taste delicious and be a valuable part of a balanced diet.

Flour power!


Whereas in the past it was mainly starch from rice and maize that was used in the production of gluten free foods, we now try to create more wholegrain flours from our various raw ingredients. The vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. in these flours are better preserved during the production process. This allows us to produce delicious products that offer you the best possible nutrition.

On the raw ingredient offensive - for-power grain farmers

A good power-grain naturally thrives on the best soil. Our R&D team works together with geneticists, chemists, agronomists and nutritionists to develop our gluten free raw ingredients. This involves research into innovative methods for cultivating raw ingredients. RE-CEREAL is a research project that promotes the cultivation of millet, buckwheat and oats in the Alpine border region between Italy and Austria as part of the Interreg V-A Italy-Austria 2014-2020 cooperation programme. It aims to convince farmers in this region to cultivate these crops as a promising alternative to monocultures. The goal is to produce power-grains from the Alps and create more diverse cultural landscapes.