The right coordinates of the snack food

The right coordinates of the snack food

The stop for refueling.

Children energy reserves run out earlier than those of adults. It is therefore necessary that they make a break every so often, to reintroduce nutrients needed to give them energy until the next pit-stop.

When the child is at school, even if he is sitting at his desk, apparently still, he is burning the energy accumulated at breakfast. His performance (his ability to concentrate on the lesson and on all the activities he is doing) has a limited period of time, at the end of which he will start to fall. That's the moment when he needs a time-out. It is a good opportunity for a healthy, tasty and nutritious snack, which is good for the mind, body and mood, and that ensures that it can give its best in the following hours.

Carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals

The ideal snack consists of three main ingredients:

  • Bread
  • Milk or milk derivatives
  • Raw vegetables: fruit and/or vegetables

The bread provides carbohydrates, that is pure energy for the body. Milk and its derivatives are important for teeth and bones, and contain calcium and phosphorus, proteins and vitamins D and A. Fruit and vegetables ensure an important supply of vitamins and minerals. A snack that preferably contains proteins, calcium, vitamins and fiber guarantees a child the right amount of nutrients.

Sweets and drinks

From time to time it is right to give children a sweet snack, like a gluten-free chocolate bar. Furthermore, rehydration is essential, that is the replacement of lost liquids. A lack of fluids easily leads to loss of concentration. Fruit juices are 100% rich in vitamins, to be diluted with water or milk. Of course, water or tea that are not too sweet are also suitable.

Practical advice

To make sure that the snack arrives at school still intact and fresh, and therefore it is always appetizing, it is enough to use some trick.

To make sure that the bread does not get wet, add a salad leaf or a cucumber slice, washed and dried, under the filling.

To keep the fruit and vegetables pleasing, cut them into small pieces and pour a little lemon juice over them, so they will stay fresh longer and will not become dark.

Put the snack in a practical, resealable container; the same applies to yogurt pots which, if stored in an additional container, can’t be damaged. Use a resealable bottle for the drink too.

Last, but not least: do not gorge your child. Remember that balance is the key to well-being.