Premium quality for premium flavour

Premium quality for premium flavour

Gluten free products from Schär: there's no greater security.

A gluten free diet is a question of confidence. We at Schär offer guaranteed gluten free foods that taste good and meet the requirements of a high-quality, naturally gluten free diet. We are your trusted partner for the ultimate gluten free lifestyle and guarantee you the highest quality and security throughout every step of our production. Precisely controlled sourcing and processing of the raw materials are our top priority. Every step of the manufacturing process is controlled.

In our highly specialised production facilities we process only the best raw ingredients, maintaining their integrity to create balanced, healthy products.

  • We exclusively use high-quality gluten free flours and proteins as well as natural flavours.
  • For everyday products (e.g. our gluten free bread), we ensure a high proportion of dietary fibre and use whole grains.
  • We are continuously reducing the salt content in our savoury products.
  • It is important to us that the sugar content in our range of sweet products is as low as possible.
  • We only use high-quality vegetable oils - hardened fats or palm oil - if absolutely necessary for the process.

Quality and gluten free variety you can taste


We at Schär have always endeavoured to constantly improve the quality of our gluten free products, their ingredients, their nutritional values and their organoleptic properties. We invest heavily in this area. For many years we have been conducting research into attractive, gluten free ingredients with our in-house research team. In addition to the usual maize and rice flours, we prefer to use gluten free grain alternatives that enrich the taste, colour, aroma and consistency of our products. Millet, buckwheat and oats are among the most interesting raw ingredients for us. They can be found in our range of gluten free products and provide a rich variety of vital substances, high-quality nutrients and new taste nuances. That is why we at Schär pay special attention to these three grains.

Responsibility and sustainability: we reap what we sow

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Our sense of responsibility, safety and sustainability begins with cultivation. At Schär we cultivate our own cereals for the most important raw ingredients with trained, certified contract farmers. Everything from sowing and harvesting to processing and the finished gluten free product is from a single source. We can therefore guarantee there is no cross-contamination with cereals that contain gluten.

Nature also benefits from the Schär cultivation programmes, as they focus on innovation and sustainability. Welcome ecological advantages include improvement of the water balance in the soil, reduction of plant protection measures, reduction of the use of fertilizers, preservation of a natural balance in the soil, good aeration and development of humus.

Gluten free and no GM ingredients, no colourings, etc. - less is more for us!

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We at Schär stand for top-quality, gluten free products made with natural ingredients. That’s why we take things very seriously when it comes to ingredients and processing. Every raw material must first pass the strict controls of our in-house quality laboratory before it can be used in production.

All Schär products are guaranteed gluten free. We also guarantee:

  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No artificial flavourings
  • No flavour enhancers
  • No colourings
  • No ingredients derived from GMOs (genetically modified organisms)

Those who live gluten free know what a blessing it is to have healthy, tasty bread that stays fresh for ages. We have a very special secret recipe that uses no chemical sweeteners, etc. Our “feel-good breads” are made with gluten free sourdough, and use no preservatives. Preservatives are suspected of triggering headaches, diarrhoea and nausea, so we at Schär have always refrained from using them. Our natural gluten free sourdough also offers a whole range of other health benefits.