The world’s widest variety: gluten free products from Schär

The world’s widest variety: gluten free products from Schär

Gluten free from breakfast to dinner.

We at Schär accompany you with our gluten free treats throughout the day and through all the events in your life: from breakfast to dinner, from a quick sandwich to a snack at work, and from birthday cakes to a festive menu. We have something for everyone, including great-tasting, easy-to-prepare, gluten free versions of popular classics. We at Schär give our best every day so that you can enjoy your life with as much flavour and freedom as carefree and gluten free as possible.

Why not try our entire range of products? We offer you the world’s most attractive and widest variety of products for a health-conscious, balanced gluten free diet. You will find numerous products for every occasion:

  • for home and on the go
  • for kindergarten, school and office
  • for nutrition-conscious consumers and foodies
  • for top athletes and creative gourmet chefs
  • and much more

Gluten free variety: bread, snacks, pizza, pasta and more


Whether you are on holiday, on a plane, at the playground with the kids, doing things away from home, on a Sunday outing in the countryside or hanging out with friends, the Schär range has the right range of products for every occasion. There are four exciting areas of the Schär product range waiting for you to discover. Why not take a closer look?

  • Bakery: Perfect bread with no gluten, including sliced breads, rolls, crispbreads and flat breads
  • Snacks: Enjoy your life with little delicacies from Schär, including ice cream, croissants, biscuits, waffles, cakes, muffins, savoury snacks, cereal bars
  • Creative Kitchen: For anyone who loves cooking and baking, a good gluten free flour is worth its weight in gold. You can find doughs and flours here:
  • Bontà d’Italia: Original Italian delicacies, including pizza, pasta and Mediterranean convenience foods

We at Schär try to incorporate the typical characteristics of the various regional traditions and cultures into our finely differentiated range of products. With gluten free bread you will find an exciting comprehensive range of traditional bread and rolls. Start your day full of energy with a range of energy-laden gluten free muesli blends. Experience Italian gourmet culture al dente with Schär’s range of pasta. Choose between various high-quality gluten free flours for cooking and baking. And you don’t have to go without the luxury of a small snack - why not enjoy the artistic variety of crispy masterpieces? 

A pleasure to share: sweet and savoury masterpieces


When creating our sweet and savoury snacks, we at Schär follow a special philosophy: our gluten free products are not intended for a small circle of people - we believe that families, friends and all those with whom you would like to share special moments of pleasure should also enjoy them. We do not compromise on taste or quality. That’s why our gluten free delicacies convince even those who aren’t on a gluten free diet. Delicious cakes and pastries to go with coffee, a quick bite for the school playground or the office, snacks for an evening in watching a movie - we want you to enjoy and share all the everyday moments of your gluten free life.

Quality control from field to finished product


Enjoying food and enjoying life go hand in hand with innovation and security. All Schär products meet the highest quality standards. These include strictly controlled selection of excellent ingredients, cooperation with our contract farmers, and processing that maintains the integrity of the raw ingredients. You can be sure that our products are completely gluten free, and that they contain no flavour enhancers, preservatives, artificial flavourings, sweeteners, colourings or ingredients from GMOs (genetically modified organisms). In order to continuously improve our recipes, we have been investing in research into gluten free raw ingredients and the development of innovative technologies for many years.

More than just products: gluten free quality of life

Our efforts to allow you to enjoy a carefree, gluten free life and do not stop with developing high-quality gluten free products. Our extensive recipe database will inspire you to create delicious dishes and snacks - all of which have all been tested and found to be good. To ensure that you can shop and eat gluten free at home and while on the go, you can find gluten free locations all over the world on our interactive map under Shopping and OtG:

  • Supermarkets and points of sale with Schär products
  • Bakeries, bistros and cafés
  • Restaurants, pizzerias and ice cream parlours
  • Hotels and accommodation providers


You can search through countries, cities or regions. Thanks to other users’ ratings, you always find the best places. The free app also offers a radius search with GPS location and route planning, so you can find gluten free addresses in your area. Gluten free shopping, eating out and staying overnight have never been so easy.

Appetite for life - how a product is created


We are also quite proud of our large product range, because every single gluten free product is an achievement and the fruit of extensive experiments and countless test phases. When deciding what new products to develop, we respond directly to our customers’ requests and try to meet all their expectations in terms of appearance, fragrance, flavour, bite and digestibility. Hundreds of people are involved in the creation of a product before it reaches the shelf. Only when the Schär-Sensorik-Club, our professional tasting group of people with coeliac disease, has made its unerring judgement in favour of the new creation does a new product actually go into production.