Planet School approaching

Planet School approaching

Learning to grow.

Along with the back to school, children start a period of intense activity, to which extra-scholastic and sporting commitments are often added.

A healthy diet, a varied menu and a balanced nutrition are therefore essential to provide their needed energy and support their physical and mental development. The following advice is also suitable for celiac children, obviously with the appropriate precautions. These, unlike the others, will have to learn what to eat and what to avoid. That is, they will learn how to grow in the healthiest and most correct way possible for theirselves.

Scheduling the week

In order to offer to celiac children a varied and balanced diet, it is very useful to learn how to plan a weekly menu that harmonizes all the meals of the day, to avoid absences or repetitions of basic nutrients.

Having lunch at school

Many celiac children eat at school: some in the canteen, others bring their own lunch with them. School canteens typically have high quality standards and their staff pays close attention to the nutrient and calorie needs of children. Normally they also propose a gluten-free diet for celiac children. The task of parents is to monitor the quality of raw materials and meals correct preparation. In the event that the celiac child brings a packed lunch form home, it is important to consider its nutritional balance.

To help you inform the school about your child's needs and ensure that all the involved operators take the necessary measures for his well-being, download the documents you find by clicking on the following links, print them, take them to the school and share them with the school staff.