Orbiting the gluten

Orbiting the gluten

Discovering gluten.

Earth is a wonderful planet and it’s full of so many good things to eat. But not everyone can eat the same things, because our body is very complex and, despite being a perfect machine, sometimes it needs some tricks, some extra attention to make itself work better and better.

As we know, food we buy everyday in the supermarket, put in the fridge, cook and eat contains a lot of ingredients that, over time, thanks to the work of scientists and various experts, we have learned to know.
Among them there’s gluten, a protein that originates in wheat and other related cereals: rye, emmer, barley, green spelt, oats, kamut, triticale, to name the best known.

The hiding protein

In addition to being present in many cereals, gluten can "hide" in many different foods, because it is involved in their production process. In fact, for its characteristics, gluten is also called the "glue protein substance", because it allows the cohesion among foods, that is to keep them all united, connected. Therefore, it works as a glue for food. It is not by chance that the word gluten comes from the Latin "gluten", which means "glue".

The unsuspectables

Candies, chocolate, confectionery, soups, creams, baked goods, ready-to-eat food can contain gluten, even if among their ingredients there are no wheat or similar cereals. For these foods, gluten acts as an "agglutinating" substance, that i a binder. With Milly, our space explorer, and Roby, his super-technological robot-assistant, we will learn to recognize gluten-free products, even the most unsuspectable ones.