Milly the space explorer

Milly the space explorer

Discovering the Gluten Free Planet.

Our Milly has lost wings. But... don’t worry! She still can fly. Indeed! For her new fantastic journeys she will need something more than a pair of dragonfly wings. From now on Milly will fly on a megaturbojet equipped spaceship, to move among the stars and lead us to the discovery of a new world: the Gluten Free Planet.


Milly is a Gluten Free Planet expert and she knows that it is full of so many good things to eat. Her mission is to find all them out and she will do it with the help of Roby.

Roby, the space robot


Roby is a "food analyzer". His job is to examine food. When Milly finds out a new food (a recipe, a snack, a pastry or something else) and is undecided about eating it or not, she relies on Roby's super technology. Her assistant analyzes the food for her behalf and tells her if it's ok or it's better to give up.

Travelling with Milly and Roby


In our exploration we will find out how to deal with food, what precautions must be taken to always feel good, when it is better to avoid something and how to organise ourselves when we are away from home. It will be an adventurous and interesting journey also for mums and dads.

Ready? Launching in ten seconds. Nine ... eight ... seven ... full speed reactors........................................