Millet - a gluten free all-rounder!

Millet - a gluten free all-rounder!

Millet: a gluten-free cereal with potential! Millet has conquered Western cuisine in recent years. And it's no wonder: it is rich in nutrients and is ideal for cooking and baking gluten-free delicacies. This makes it a great raw ingredient for Schär. It is used in delicious products such as breads and pasta.

Millet: good for us, good for farmers

Like all our gluten-free cereals, we purchase millet (which is indigenous to Central Asia) from our own contract farmers, who conduct controlled cultivation. This is the only way can we also guarantee transparency and traceability for the raw ingredients used in our products and ensure that they meet our high safety requirements. It begins with seed selection. We only purchase the best millet varieties, which are ideally suited to further processing into gluten-free products. As millet also thrives in Central Europe, we are as part of our RE-CEREAL research project specifically promoting the cultivation of millet, as well as buckwheat and oats in the heart of the Austrian and Italian Alps.

Millet is also a blessing for our farmers: As it has a very short growth cycle (it is ready for harvest 90 days after sowing) farmers can sow millet as a catch crop after the first harvest in June. Another advantage of millet is that it is not demand much in order to grow and enriches the soil!

Millet: our delicious pasta revolution!

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Thanks to its advantageous baking and processing properties and its harmonious flavour, Schär millet is a delicious addition to the wide range of ingredients in Schär breads. Traditionally it enriches for example Master Baker's Classic, Landbrot Mehrkorn multigrain rustic bread and Kaisersemmel rolls. However, millet is also on the verge of a career leap in terms of pasta technology: as one of the most important ingredients in the new Schär pasta recipe, this delicious pseudocereal is on its way to becoming a hit with lovers of fusilli, spaghetti, etc.

Millet - the gluten-free power pack!

Millet is a gluten-free cereal with much higher levels of protein, fibre and micronutrients than other more frequently used grains. This is also the reason why millet is clearly on the rise as part of a balanced and varied gluten-free diet. Millet is characterised by a high content of minerals including phosphorus and iron. Millet even contains two to three times as much iron as wheat and, as a valuable supplier of iron, promotes the formation of blood. Millet proteins are also rich in valuable essential amino acids - especially methionine and cystine. It’s also tasty: the natural sweetness of millet provides a refined aroma when used in bread.

Why you should try millet!

It has a pleasantly unobtrusive taste that is reminiscent of nuts or seeds and is suitable for combination with almost all other flavours. You will find a wide variety of millet on the shelves of well-stocked health food stores and organic shops. These varieties include the slightly sandy brown millet, which is particularly rich in nutrients, or plain (or wholemeal) millet flour, which can be used for any sweet or savoury dish. A particularly delicious example is pancakes made with millet flour. Fine millet flakes are also a tasty hit. You can use them to conjure up a new take on muesli with ingredients such as dried fruit or nuts. Millet’s excellent nutritional properties are a good reason it should have a fixed place in your cupboard.