Let’s prepare the space backpacks and leave!

Let’s prepare the space backpacks and leave!

Eating and drinking.

When you leave for a car trip, especially if you get set for a long journey, the enthusiasm for the arrival at destination and the pleasure of the beginning of the vacation temporarily give way to worries and fear of bumping into some inconvenience. For this reason, it is important to organize and foresee any small and big difficulties. First of all, probably right a few minutes after departure your little ones will ask you for something to eat or drink. This request is also surely dictated by the boredom and the annoyance of being forced into a limited space, but it is also true that traveling whet the appetite and causes a slight dehydration. So you should leave equipped with enough food and drink, and follow some practical tips.


  • Absolutely plan some breaks and get informed, even before leaving, on the restaurants and service areas, along the way, serving gluten-free meals.
  • Consider that chieldren can let off steam muche better in a town’s playground than in an overcrowded service area. And moving is good for adults too.
  • Fruit is particularly recommended when traveling: it is easy to digest, does not weigh down the stomach and helps to replenish lost fluids.
  • Gluten-free sandwiches filled with what children like and that satisfy their desire of something good are ideal too.
  • Even desserts, naturally in a gluten-free version, are a nutritious, greedy and excellent food to take on the road. Biscuits without filling, although they can leave a few crumbs in the car, don’t dirty nor leave greasy traces.
  • Children like salty snacks, because they are tasty and crisp.
  • When a long road ahead is expected, it is useful to have enough drinks, plus some reserve. Diluted fruit juices and lightly sweetened tea are preferable to sweet carbonated drinks. Too cold drinks should be avoided because of the children’s sensitive stomach.

In the most difficult cases

When the nerves are shot, try to exchange seats, put yourself in the back seat next to the child to chat, caress and play, or sing a song. Singing relaxes and has an excellent effect against bad mood.

Traveling without gluten, naturally, sometimes involves the same unwanted effects that all children experience and that are solely attributable to the journey itself: stomach ache, nausea, feeling sick. Here, when the little travelers feel really bad, medicins come to the aid, to be bought at the pharmacy before leaving.

For extreme cases of emergency, better to keep a little sack.

On holiday without mom and dad

Sooner or later it comes the moment when your "little ones" stop being "small" and leave for the first trip alone, without the caring attentions of mum and dad: school trip, study stay abroad, camping with friends , first summer holiday by the sea, in the city or in the mountains.

It is a delicate moment for parents, experiencing one of the first moments of separation from their son who, until the day before yesterday, was held in their arms, carried around in a stroller and caressed in their cradle.

But it is also a delicate moment for kids, who now try to see the world with their eyes, without their mum and dad’s gaze.

Plan an unforgettable journey

If well planned, your children’s journey will allow them to make new experiences, gain greater self-confidence in small everyday challenges, counting only on their abilities, and grow in harmony with others. Good planning is therefore essential, even in terms of nutrition, to promote unforgettable gluten-free holidays and make the travel experience as pleasant as possible.

Here are the ten most important tips we have collected for you:

  • Establish a food program and food supply with your child by completing a list.
  • Contact the assistants, carers and the structure where your child will stay.
  • Compile a clear list of important or useful aspects to follow (what is allowed or forbidden, important telephone numbers etc.).
  • Put the food in a separate bag; possibly prepare individual packages divided for each day.
  • Search the address of the nearest gluten-free food store on the Internet.
  • In case of long stays, fill out a shopping list of foodstuff to purchase on site.
  • Search and write down the addresses of restaurants, pizzerias and ice-cream shops offering gluten-free menus and ice-creams at the destination.
  • Provide the cook with your specific requests, asking him to read them.
  • Important: do not bring bread to bake in the oven - there is a risk of contamination!
  • Put gluten-free snacks and sweets in your child’s suitcase to satiate his languoris out of a meal, and do not forget his friends. Children like to share.

Be sure: by observing these small but important "survival rules", your child's gluten-free holidays will go smoothly and make you feel comfortable, even if far away. And when he returns, be prepared to listen to the stories of the thousand adventures experienced by your child, who is no longer a child!