Houston, we are flying over the celiac disease

Houston, we are flying over the celiac disease

Discovering celiac disease.

When a food containing gluten is eaten and arrives in the intestine, it can cause reactions that doctors call "adverse". It means that, in its own way, the intestine is rebelling against gluten because it is not able to absorb it.

These reactions are not very pleasant for those who suffer from them and include: abdominal pain, nausea, vomit and diarrhea. Less frequently, headaches and muscle or joint pain too.

In the long term, people who cannot absorb gluten contained in food they eat could suffer from: weight and energy loss, loss of appetite, iron, vitamins and other minerals in the blood deficiency, anemia.

All these reactions sometimes have a common explanation: gluten intolerance or "celiac disease".

Who suffer from it is called "celiac".

How to recognize celiac disease?

Celiac disease can occur at any age. If you experience the symptoms listed above, you should consult your doctor, who, after a first visit and some questions about your eating habits, may prescribe specific tests.

The results of these tests lead to the formulation of the diagnosis, allowing to answer to the question "why do I feel bad after eating certain foods?"

The diagnosed eating disorder ranges from gluten sensitivity to real celiac disease.

In both cases you will need to be more careful when shopping food and sit at the table.

Improving your life right away

Once the diagnosis of celiac disease has been formulated, it is necessary to stop eating foods containing gluten. This is the only way to make disappear all the annoying symptoms experienced, little by little, but already from the very first days.

It is important to understand that TO ELIMINATE - TOTALLY AND FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE - GLUTEN FROM YOUR NUTRITION IS THE ONLY EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR THE CELIAC DISEASE. It is also essential to grasp this concept: suffering from celiac disease does not mean that you must stop eating all the things you like, but you just have to choose foods prepared without gluten.

Changing your eating habits is easier than you can imagine. Just learn a couple of tricks that help you to choose the right foods and, if in doubt, ask those who know more about it.

While a little more attention is needed, on the other hand the positive effects of your new diet will be enormous and immediately visible. Let's see what happens.

1) The antibody levels (those blood cells appearing when our body has to fight unwanted substances) normalise;

2) The nutrients contained in what we eat are properly absorbed and assimilated again by our body ("metabolized", the doctors say);

3) Our weight back within the normal values;

4) The mucosa of the small intestine (that part of the intestine analyzed under the microscope to formulate the diagnosis) regenerates;

5) Your physical condition and state of health improves and make you feel strong like a lion again;

6) Development and growth proceed regularly again.