Gluten free wraps

Gluten free wraps

Generously filled wraps are the perfect snack or meal for lots of different occasions.

Wraps are a real all-rounder of a snack, especially for anyone following a gluten free diet. The filling can be different every time, and you can enjoy them as a snack in the office, as a light meal at home or even at a picnic. Here we will show you how to prepare delicious gluten free wraps. .

The best part of eating wraps as a meal is: You can fill them with whatever you want! Whether it’s a wrap with feta, a vegetarian wrap or a spicy Tex-Mex-wrap with chilli con carne, we have you sorted!


Prepare and fill wraps


Wraps are very easy to prepare:

  • Heat the wrap in the pan or in the microwave.
  • Coat the wrap with your favourite sauce.
  • Spread your favourite filling all over the wrap.
  • Roll up the wrap.

Top tip: make sure you don’t use too much filling, as this’ll make it too difficult to roll it up properly!

Fold wraps properly


The bag-wrap
Spread your wrap with sauce, fold both sides into the middle so that it looks like an ice-cream cone, then fill your favourite ingredients.

The take-away-wrap
Put the filling into the central third of the wrap. Fold the right and the left thirds over the filling, then fold up the bottom of the wrap

The wrap-roll
Spread the filling on the wrap, roll it up and cut it into slices.

Here you can find further recipe ideas for our gluten free Schär wraps. Enjoy when you will cook yourself!