Is wheat starch gluten-free?

Is wheat starch gluten-free?

Gluten-free wheat starch is well tolerated by most people affected by coeliac disease. When producing gluten-free wheat starch, the water-soluble gluten is removed from the wheat starch by sluicing and through centrifugation. The more often the wheat starch is washed the more the remaining protein content is minimized. According to the Codex Alimentarius Commission and the EU decree of 20th January 2009 food items with a maximum of 20 ppm (2 mg/100 g) of gluten are “gluten-free”. Food items with 21-100 ppm must have the indication “slight gluten content” or “low in gluten”. The wheat starch must however still be mentioned in the list of ingredients and emphasised as an allergen. Attention: wheat-allergy sufferers should avoid products that contain gluten-free wheat starch as the wheat protein is the allergy trigger and not the grain protein component “gluten”. At the moment we have these products with gluten-free wheat starch in our range:

Croissant à la française

Croissant à la Crème Noisette

Pain au chocolat