How to prepare a gluten free trip

How to prepare a gluten free trip

Read all my secrets to prepare the perfect gluten free trip – with zero stress!

Vittoria: 27 years old, a coeliac girl living life one flight at a time.

Are you already dreaming of your next holiday? Follow the next steps to ensure a perfect gluten free vacation, with zero stress!

Checklist for your next trip


I’ve been traveling my whole life (since I was less than a year old!) around the world, but for the last 7 years, since I discovered I was coeliac, my travel planning has been slightly changed. Of course being coeliac (or gluten-intolerant) does affect how to prepare your holidays, from the baggage to the destination.

Over the years I have realized the ultimate gluten free checklist to plan my trip at best!

  • FLIGHT PLANNING: in case of long-distance flights, ask for gluten free meals during flight
  • BAGGAGE: pack some extra gluten free snacks both in the check-in baggage and in the cabin carry-on
  • HOTEL SERVICE: in case of meal services at the hotel / guesthouse, ask for gluten free options for every meal (from breakfast till dinner)
  • FIND THE LOCAL SPOTS: look for gluten free options at your destination, especially where you can have the most traditional food served for coeliacs and intolerants too.

About to take off


For long-distance travel destinations, during flights it is common that you will have some meals served. In that case, it is good to know that most of the flight companies offer gluten free options for free upon request! The only thing you’ll have to do is to ask for “special meals” either while booking your flight or during online check-in (at least 24 to 48 hours in advance). Every company has its own policy, so I suggest you to visit the company’s website in advance so to prepare to ask for your gluten free meal!

Time to pack

No matter how long your flight is going to be, make sure you will have some extra snacks packed in your suitcase! I am always traveling extra-safe, which means I am usually packing some extra snacks both in my checked baggage and in my carry-on. This way I can enjoy my flight with some of my favorite snacks, and have extra ones at my destination, in case it might be difficult to find some safe gluten free options there.

5-star service


If you are planning to stay at a hotel during your holiday, ask in advance for gluten free options for your meals. In fact, usually for bed & breakfast service (which is the most common) they might have some gluten free products available upon request. It is always good to check in advance with the hotel customer service and plan your meals in advance.

You can have a look at Schär’s “Travel” section for the best-rated places to stay gluten free at your destination.

Be a local


Every time I am visiting a new place, I am always curious to try their traditional food and local spots! Although being coeliac does not make things easy, there’s Schär’s “Eat” section to look for the best restaurants at destination, where to find the local food available gluten free as well.