Gluten free Sponge Cake – Basic Recipe

Gluten free Sponge Cake – Basic Recipe

We will show you how to create a light and fluffy cake base using gluten free flour!

The classic sponge is the perfect base for many different tarts and cakes. It is made from eggs, yolk, sugar and flour – and is easier to make than you might think.

Origin of the sponge cake

The typical sponge cake was already baked in the 17th century – in those days, it was refined with rose water or wine. Initially, the eggs used for the mixture were not separated. It was not until a century had passed, that bakers began beating the yolk and egg white separately until frothy.

The secret of fluffy sponge cake

The air stirred into the dough is the most important aspect of leavening the sponge cake, as it helps the cake gain volume whilst remaining fluffy and soft.

Step by step instructions

  • Whip the egg whites together with half of the sugar until stiff.
  • Stir the yolk together with the remaining sugar until the mixture becomes a creamy consistency.
  • Mix finely sieved flour and gluten free baking powder together with the creamed yolk to achieve a light and fluffy dough.
  • Carefully fold the beaten eggs into the mixture and immediately bake the sponge cake in the preheated oven.
  • Promptly separate the sponge cake from the baking pan with a knife, turn it over and remove the baking paper.
  • Let it cool down on a cake rack.

Please note: Do not open the oven doors while baking. The sponge cake could sink!

All exact quantities of this recipe can be found here.

Recipe ideas for sponge cakes

Thanks to their soft and fluffy consistency, sponge cakes are ideal for a variety of cakes and tarts – which can be an obvious blessing for those following a gluten free diet. A Sponge Cake Classic tastes superb when coated with fresh fruit, while glazing and whipped cream complement the taste perfectly.

You can also alter the taste of the cake depending on your preference, as cocoa can create a dark chocolaty sponge, and vanilla a lighter version. Another popular use of sponge cake is in a Swiss Roll.

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