All around the world: Gluten free Christmas baking

All around the world: Gluten free Christmas baking

Baking at Christmas time; stress and gluten free!

Falling snowflakes, twinkling bells, Christmas carols and delicious scent from the bakery – the festive season has some of the most beautiful moments of the year.

If you want to undertake the task of cooking during Christmas, we suggest you pay very close attention to the ingredients, especially if anyone is gluten free! Make sure you bake using gluten free biscuits that haven’t been contaminated with any other items that have gluten in them, and be careful of any flour residue that may be left around your kitchen while baking.

Time to bake gluten free biscuits

 Article45_Maedchen baeckt Kekse Weihnachten

A simple way to get your kids involved in cooking for Christmas, is to get them to help you bake gluten free biscuits.

Especially popular with the whole family are short bread biscuits. The dough used to prepare the South German Spitzbuben also called “Linzer Augen” in Austria, is ideal for children who want to show off their creativity with different shaped cutters;Stars, hearts, angels, with or without chocolate coating, candy sprinkles or glazes.

South German Spitzbuben, Austrian Vanillekipferl and other biscuits – some families have the tradition of baking over 50 different types of biscuits! – can then be  stored in tins which traditionally won’t be opened until Christmas Eve after the presents have been opened around the tree on Christmas Eve!

A hint from our side: start with the Swiss Chräbeli biscuits and store these in a biscuit tin, as they taste best after four or five weeks.

Gluten free baking ideas from the whole world

Sweeten up your Christmas with these delicious gluten free baking ideas from all over the world!

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From Sinterklaas and Père Noël

While children in Central Europe are looking forward impatiently to Christmas, young Spanish boys and girls will have to wait until the beginning of January! In fact, in their country it’s the Three Wise Men who bring their Christmas presents.

Further in the North children get their presents earlier: In Belgium and in the Netherlands Sinterklaas rides on his horse in the night between the 5th and the 6th of December over the rooves and puts the presents in the boots prepared for this occasion.

Belgium has some particularly sweet Christmas treats, as for example Karamellkekse as well as Lebkuchen, which was invented in Dinant more than 1,000 years ago.

In The Netherlands, they frequently use nuts in their festive cooking.

The French celebrate their “Réveillon“ with special delicacies, like Foie Gras, roasted turkey or oysters.

Christmas Cake of the Mediterranean Countries

In the South there is less of a tradition of baking biscuits during Christmas.Instead, when the Wise Three Men – los reyes – bring presents to the Spanish children, the Dreikönigskranz is cut. This cake is baked with one bean and one small figurine inside – the Muñequito. The one who finds the bean in his/her slice has bad luck and is meant to pay for the cake. The happy king of the family is the one who finds the Muñequito in his/her slice.

In Italy, the Panettone is the central aspect of the Christmas feast! Then there is the Strega Befana who brings presents on the Epiphany or more in the north Babbo Natale, following the middle-European tradition.

We wish you a peaceful and relaxing Christmas time, no matter where and when you’re celebrating!