A galactic invention: breakfast

A galactic invention: breakfast

Let's start off on the right foot.

People's behavior on breakfast is varied. There are those who wake up with a hole in the stomach to fill as soon as possible and those who just can’t put in their mouth nothing more than a cup of coffee.

The latter, however, must consider that skipping breakfast is like starting a trip by car without refueling. Sooner or later they will have to stop and fill the tank.

So why not think about it first and start the day, or your daily journey, on the right foot?

Let’s fill the tank with energy

After about eight hours of sleep, in the morning the body needs to recharge and get supplies of nutrients to regain the necessary vigor. This is why the choice of nutrients is important.

But what is the right breakfast to start the day well?

A nutritious, energetic and balanced breakfast must provide between 20% and 25% of the calories consumed during the day. The groups of foods most useful for this purpose are:

  • Bread, rusks and cereals
  • Milk, yogurt and chees
  • Natural fruit or juices

Eating like a bird or wolfing down?

For those who don’t like to wake up, sit at the table and gorging, the advice is to choose tasty and inviting but light foodstuff, like one slice of toasted bread with a butter curl and a teaspoon of jam, or a creamy yogurt with granola, or even corn flakes and fresh seasonal fruit.

Those who get up hungry may need to eat a real meal. In this case the portions must be more abundant. The important thing is to mix cereals and dairy products, fresh fruit and liquids in a balanced way. Thus, the organism gets all the substances it needs to quickly recover its energies and to work regularly and efficiently.

The first family meal of the day

Breakfast is a ten-minute activity that can affect the whole day. Doing it well is an intelligent pleasure and organizing on time gives the opportunity to get the most from those ten minutes.

Let's see how:

  • Let’s set cups, small cups, cutlery and glasses the night before going to sleep. We will avoid wasting time as we wake up, when we are still sleepy and we need a few precious minutes to give our best.
  • Let’s set the alarm ten minutes earlier, to collect our energies and thoughts, waken our stomach and appetite, and sit at the table with the desire for good things.
  • Let’s see the breakfast as the first family meal. It means that we all will sit at the table to start the day having fun with the people we care about most.