Full speed engines, heading for the Gluten Free Planet

Full speed engines, heading for the Gluten Free Planet

A new world of exquisite things.

The first word that comes to mind for those who find out they have problems with gluten is "RENOUNCE". Nothing could be more wrong. There are many naturally gluten-free foods. In addition, there are companies - like Schär - that use gluten-free processes to make products that are delicious to eat and digestible even by who suffers from celiac disease.

Let’s look for the crossed out ear

Naturally gluten-free foods are, i.e.: rice, corn, potatoes, milk and its derivatives, meat, fish, eggs, fruit and vegetables.

Recognizing a tomato or a clam is easy. On the contrary, for products that could contain gluten (snacks, cookies, pasta, confectionery, ice cream, candies, chips), Milly reveals a simple trick. When we are at the supermarket, in front of the shelves, we will notice that some packages have a special symbol: a crossed out ear. This symbol indicates that this product does not contain gluten and was specifically made for celiacs. As Roby, the helper-robot of Milly, would say, “that product is OK”.