Follow me around Thessaloniki

Follow me around - Thessaloniki

Come with me to explore the ancient Greek ruins of Thessaloniki and all the amazing gluten free food.

Vittoria: 27 years old, a coeliac girl living life one flight at a time.

Did you already plan your next gluten free summer destination? Last year I’ve been in Thessaloniki, the second biggest city in Greece. Surrounded by ancient ruins, a great sea and young atmosphere, I’ve found some of the best gluten free places in town! Here are some of my favorite picks just for you. Ready to go?

Such a morning Plaisir

Nothing says “holiday breakfast” like a great cappuccino on a sunny terrace. Even more if it’s right in the main square, in front of the seashore. At “Plaisir” you can have a sweet start of your day with some fresh puddings and desserts safely produced and stored to avoid cross-contaminations!


Brunch time!

Do you prefer to spend the whole morning on bed and relax till late? No worries! There’s “Estrella” ready to serve you the best gluten free brunch in town. Here’s a hint for you: ask for a table upstairs, you’ll enjoy an amazing roof filled with hanging air ballons!


Back to the Roots

If you are looking for a healthy and vegan lunch (gluten free as well of course!) you should head to “Roots”, a quite but lovely spot aside from the Market. Have a blast with some gluten free and vegan ravioli!


Give me a (yogurt) break!

Thessaloniki can get quite warm especially during summer time, so it’s better to take a break from time to time, drinking some water and eating something fresh. At “FYC” right in the city center you can find not only some amazing frozen yogurt, but also delicious gluten free waffles and “waffle balls” to top your yogurt!


T for traditions

Greek food is one of the best of the whole Mediterranean Sea, that’s a fact. So why not simply enjoy all the local products and naturally gluten free preparations of this place? My top choice is always the classic Greek salad: feta cheese, fresh tomatoes, fresh onions, fresh cucumber, olives and lots of olive oil!

Greek Salad

To find all the best gluten free options in Thessaloniki, visit Schär’s “On the go” link!