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Discover with Vittoria the best gluten free places in Seville!

Vittoria: 27 years old, a coeliac girl living life one flight at a time.

Are you looking for some warmth even during winter time? Seville and the whole Andalusia is just the perfect destination for a sunny weekend all year long! And while discovering the city, head to some of these amazing gluten free spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A piece of cake

The best morning start is having a good cappuccino with a slice of gluten free cake, of course! And at “Orfeo Café” you can have both of them. Choose among the different gluten free and vegan treats and have a nice morning!

Orfeo café

The beauty inside

I’m always looking for some beautiful architecture while discovering new cities. In Seville it’s easy, since every part of it reminds of the Arabic style, from the Alcazar palace to “El Pinton”, an amazing restaurant with a hidden garden inside it. The best part of it? They reveal the gluten free options directly on the menu!

El pinton

Do you know salmorejo?

I must admit, I’ve never heard of this dish before my trip to Andalusia. Indeed, it’s a traditional preparation from this region, served as a cold tomato-based soup, to be filled with some good bread. Where to find the gluten free version of it? At “Postigo 10” of course! Not just salmorejo, but many other gluten free tapas await you to be tasted.


100% Mexican style

If you’re looking for some safe 100% gluten free restaurant, “Mano de santo” is the place for you! The best tacos, quesedillas and enchiladas, all served totally gluten free. Simply amazing!

Mano de santo

In case you want to discover more gluten free places in Seville, have a look at the “Eat” section of Schär!