Follow me around Milan

Follow me around – Milan

Come with me to discover the must-stop gluten free places in Milan for a true Italian experience.

Vittoria: 27 years old, a coeliac girl living life one flight at a time.

Needless to say, Italian food is one of the best (and most recognizable) in the world! Pasta, pizza, gelato…should I say more? Unfortunately when it comes to gluten free it’s hard to find some preparations that is naturally without gluten.

Well, luckily for you there are plenty of celiac-safe cafes and restaurants all around Italy where to have a true Italian experience, without gluten (but not without pleasure!).

One of the favorite cities for tourists coming to the “Bel Paese” is for sure Milan, the capitol of fashion and core of finance in the country.

But Milan is also a hotspot for cultural events, arts and (of course) food! So here’s a short guide to get you around town, to taste the best Italian dishes, served gluten free.

Shall we start with a good Italian breakfast? Sip a warm cappuccino and choose among different gluten free (and lactose-free) croissants and tarts at “GluFree Bakery”, one of the favorite spots for celiacs in town.

GluFree Bakery

In case you’re taking it easy and you wanna start later your day, I’d recommend you a lovely gluten free brunch at “Bistrò”, just 10 minutes walking from the Duomo cathedral.


Looking for some exotic lunch? No worries! There’s the Hong-Kong restaurant “Ta Hua” which serves gluten free damplings and wonderful dishes directly from the best Chinese tradition, revised with a modern twist.

Ta Hua

After an entire day walking around museum, exhibitions and fashion shops, it’s better to restore our body with some food. Where to go next for dinner? Choice is yours!
If you can’t leave Italy without a good gluten free pizza, there’s “O’ Peperino E Milano” or “Mama Eat”, for a perfect gluten free Napoli-style pizza.

Mama Eat

Otherwise, if you are curious to try some Milan-based food tradition, then you should definitely go to “Ristorantino della Carne”, a true family-owned restaurant specialized in what they call “elephant’s ears”. No worries: you’re not going to eat any piece of a rare African animal! It’s just the local way of referring to “cotoletta”, a delicious veal breaded cutlet, served gluten free as well.

Ristorantino della carne

Your time in Italy is almost gone, but you can always have a glimpse of the original Italian taste at home with Schär’s “Bontà d’Italia” products!