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Follow Me Around - Florence

This month Vittoria is taking around Florence for a perfect food tour of the city.

Vittoria: 27 years old, a coeliac girl living life one flight at a time.

Are you ready to start this brand new Italian food tour? Florence is certainly one of the must-visit cities when planning a perfect “Italian trip”. But as most of the tourists are attracted for its amazing architecture and history, I am mostly in love with this city for the great gluten free options available! Come have a look at some of my favorite spots in the city with me.

Digestive – city center

Croissant time

As always, every respectable food tour starts with a nice breakfast, gluten free of course! Close to the “Ponte Vecchio” monument there’s “Starbene senza glutine”, a well-known gluten free bakery that serves savoury and sweet options, both delicious!


Homemade bread

How difficult it is to find good gluten free bread? At “Bottega Artigiana del Gusto” you can find many types of home-made bread, from the turmeric to the wholegrain!

Bottega Artigiana del Gusto

The monument of…gluten free food!

The most famous 100% gluten free restaurant in Italy is “Quinoa”, located right behind the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower in Florence city center. The amazing location is nothing compared to the variety of choice you could find in the menu, serving amazing gluten free food from brunch to dinner!


“Fiorentina” steak in Florence

Tuscany is well known for the great quality of meat, and in particular for a specific type of steak called “Fiorentina”, meaning “from Florence”. So you cannot miss this place as the perfect ending of our gluten free food tour: “Trattoria Garibaldi” serves amazing gluten free options and, of course, “Fiorentina”!

Where am I going to take you next time? Just follow me and you’ll see!