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Find out the beauty of Corsica with Vittoria’s last gluten free adventure!

Vittoria: 27 years old, a coeliac girl living life one flight at a time.

Summer is almost over, so it is time for me to share with you my last gluten free adventure around Corsica! Are you ready to pack with me and start this amazing journey all around the French island?

Bastia and Cap Corse

The ferry lands in Bastia, the first city to visit at the arrival in the island. Between the new harbor and the old citadel, it will be the best welcome Corsica can reserve for all tourists coming to explore it.

Here is some must-try places in town where to find amazing gluten free options:

  • Le Vg”, perfect for a vegfriendly, bio and gluten free lunch
  • Paprika”, a specialized gluten free café few minutes from the city center

The Northern Coast

Are you ready for some stunning beaches? From Saint Florent to Ile Rousse you will get a taste of the many beautiful landscapes all around Corsica.

My favorite spots are Plage de la Saleccia, reachable either through the Agriates desert (and a 1-hour offroad!) or by the sea, and Plage du Bodri, perfect for beach-lovers and snorkelers!

Plage du Bodri


Moving south, you can stop by Ajaccio, a lovely city just by the sea. While relaxing after some sea adventure, why not having a healthy dinner at “Body delight”, bio-based and serving some gluten free options too.

Bonifacio and The Southern Coast

The beautiful seashore from the North will do nothing compared to the Caribbean-like sea of the South! Either you are looking for some scuba diving, or you are simply willing to sunbathe lying on some white sand, you will get all there.

My suggestion? Instead of hitting the main beaches, have a look at the Petit Sperone, a lovely bay from which you can get to the Piana island just by swim!

The Southern peak of the island is Bonifacio, with its wonderfully preserved center on top of the cliff. Highly recommended to go there to catch the sunset, and then have dinner in one of the many local restaurants there. My choice has been the mussels “A la Bonifacienne”, with tomato sauce and melted cheese!

Mussels “a la bonifacienne”

The lovely Porto Vecchio

Going back North along the East coast it’s best to stop by Porto-Vecchio, a quiet and cozy town just by the sea. Among the many restaurants, you can find some traditional gluten free dishes at “A furana”, in the city center. If you’re craving for something different, there’s “Guest” just outside the city, with its amazing gluten free burger waiting for you!

Guest burger

Before you go

Corsica is not yet fully prepared for gluten free intolerants and celiacs, so it’s better to get there with a suitcase filled with gluten free snacks and products.

My picks have been: