Follow me around Bologna

Follow Me Around - Bologna

This month Vittoria is taking around Bologna to discover the best traditional food in town.

Vittoria: 27 years old, a coeliac girl living life one flight at a time.

It’s time for another gluten free adventure! This month I am taking you to the Italian city I know best, since I’ve spent almost a decade around here so far: Bologna!

You must be well prepared in advance before starting this journey, as you will probably gain few kilos after only a weekend here. No surprise it’s the birthplace of some of the most famous traditional food that from Italy took all over the world.

Custard cream - city center

Italian breakfast

Let’s start our tour with the very first (and most important to me!) meal of the day: breakfast!

The best place you could find in Bologna city center for a gluten free breakfast is “Fiordaliso”, an amazing Italian-style coffee shop with plenty of choice for celiacs and gluten intolerants: from savoury croissants to sweet pastries, there’s everything you need to start your day with the right foot.


Gelato time

When in Italy, in every season it’s gelato time! My favorite choice is “Grom”, an Italian chain well-known worldwide for the amazing quality of the ice-cream, and it’s all 100% gluten free, from the cones to the cookies!

Bolognese sauce…in Bologna!

Did you know that the Bolognese sauce comes from Bologna?

Well, there’s one place in the city center where you could have a real taste of the original Bolognese sauce (which is called “ragù” in Italian, by the way…) on top of some handmade gluten free pasta. I’m talking about La Capriata”, a family-owned restaurant just few meters from the Two Towers.


A touch of green

Are you looking for some healthy food? At “Botanica lab” you could find some great plant-based, vegan and raw choices, many of them gluten free too.

Botanica lab

Last but not least

I imagine you’d like to have a bite of Italian pizza when in Bologna, so here’s my pick: “Papeo”.

In this restaurant, few kilometers from the city center, the pizza is “Napoli style”, very thick and delicious! Of course the gluten free crust is nothing less…