Follow me around Barcelona

Follow me around – Barcelona

Come with me to discover the amazing Spanish cuisine and the best gluten free places in Barcelona.

Vittoria: 27 years old, a coeliac girl living life one flight at a time.

There’s no doubt that Spain is one of the best travel destinations for gluten free adventures. Barcelona is not only a food paradise for celiacs and gluten intolerants, but it’s also a wonderful city where to spend a warm spring weekend.

The most incredible thing you will find in Barcelona is the number of gluten free bakeries close to the city center! Pick the closest one to your accommodation, or simply take a multiple gluten free breakfast on the go and enjoy some of the best donuts on your way to the next museum.

My favorite ones? “Pasticelia” for amazing gluten free donuts and “Jansana” for a crème pastry :)


In case you are planning to spend a whole day at the Barceloneta beach to catch the first sun of the season, you better prepare in advance with some gluten free street food to take away. That’s right: in the city you will have no problem in finding amazing gluten free sandwiches! My top choices are “Conesa Entrepans” and “Cal Marius 449” for the best Spanish street food experience.

Conesa Entrepans

Barcelona is not only a great city full of art and architecture, but as the capitol of Cataluña is also world-wide famous for its amazing culture and great traditional food!

The best restaurant where to have a true Spanish eating experience (100% gluten free!) is “En Ville”, just few minutes walking to the museum district. A must-have: pan tomate for entrée, toasted bread with fresh tomato to squeeze on. And what’s best to accompany if not a fresh cerveza? Sin gluten, obviously!

En Ville

Even though Barcelona is a great gluten free destination for vacation, I am never leaving home without some gluten free snack in my backpack. For this trip my travel companions were Schär’s “Ondulè”, the best sweet treat to keep always in your pocket!


For a perfect planning of a safe gluten free travel, look at Schär’s “On the go” website to find the best gluten free places in your next destination.