Earth calling friend. Reply, friend!

Earth calling friend. Reply, friend!

Your celiac disease does not exclude friends.

Very often people around you -friends, schoolmates, boys and girls who meet at the park or play sports with you- do not have any idea of the habits of those who follow a gluten-free diet. It is therefore possible that you have heard "Come on, get a candy, a little gluten cannot kill you!" And that you have felt misunderstood or even offended.

Other children don’t want you to feel "strange" or exclude you. They simply don’t know your situation. This, which seems like a problem, is actually an opportunity that plays in your favor.

Intrigue, inform and share

If you tell your friends about celiac disease, explaining what it is and how your body works, you do something useful to you and them. Explain to the children around you what effects you have experienced on yourself when you didn’t know the celiac disease and you were following their same diet. Describe the nausea, the stomach ache and your general ill feeling. These are situations that, for reasons other than yours, they have experienced and, as a consequence, will have no difficulty to understand.

You will see that in a few seconds you will have awakened their curiosity, you will be overwhelmed by their questions and you will have become a small informer, for them almost a scientist.

And it's not over. You can do even more: offer them one of your snacks or candies and show them you are not an alien and, furthermore, the food you eat is as good and greedy as the food everyone eats.