Dr. Schar Institute - for healthcare professionals

Dr. Schar Institute - for healthcare professionals

The global Celiac disease and Gluten Sensitivity resource for doctors and nutritionists.

Dr. Schär knowledge of the subject of Celiac disease extends far beyond its gluten free product range. In the Professional team, a select group of in-house and external experts work hand in hand. They are supported by expert nutritionists and nutritional doctors from throughout Europe and the USA, so that our work benefits from knowledge and experience from many countries across the world. 

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The staff of the Dr. Schär Professional department are in constant contact and continually exchange ideas with doctors, expert nutritionists, Celiac societies and opinion leaders throughout the world. All around Europe, equipped with broad and diverse expertise, the team is committed to raising awareness and understanding of Celiac disease and gluten free nutrition. With that in mind we offer an end-to-end service to support you in your further specialist education and make advising and monitoring affected patients as they enter a new phase in their lives as easy as possible.

With the Dr. Schär Institute, we have created an international knowledge platform on Celiac disease and gluten free nutrition to support specialist nutritionists and doctors. To ensure that you can use and benefit from our service in full, please access the log-in area after registering on our Dr. Schar Institute website. As a registered expert, you can access all the information and materials for you and your patients. 

If you would like to contact us directly, then e-mail our global team at professional@drschaer.com.