Is Coeliac disease curable?

Is Coeliac disease curable?

If you stick to a strict gluten-free diet you can live symptom-free So far there is no known healing method whereby a person affected by this disease can eat products containing gluten again, without damaging the intestinal mucosa. At the moment a strict gluten-free diet is the only therapy which guarantees optimum health. The symptoms subside, the values measured in the serological examinations and the mucosa of the small intestine normalise themselves. That is why, after receiving the diagnosis of coeliac disease, one speaks of a dietary change which allows those affected to live a normal and symptom-free life.

Alternative treatments methods are being researched

The aim is that the patient can free himself from the “pressure” of a gluten-free diet. The following things are being researched: less damaging grain types; enzymes, which can metabolise the protein components which are incompatible for those affected by coeliac disease; medicines with an anti-transglutaminase effect or anti-cytokines and immune modulators which block the defence reaction against gluten (the so-called “vaccination”). However, at the moment these researches are still at the very beginning. The step from the laboratory to clinical trials is also on hold as animals are not affected by coeliac disease. The future is undoubtedly bright for those affected; it is, however, not possible to predict when the results of these researches can actually be implemented. It is also important to note that each new treatment will have to prevail against the existing, safe, effective and already available solution – a gluten-free diet.

The only solution with coeliac disease is to renounce all food made from grains containing gluten. Even the smallest amount of gluten can cause histological damages. Traces of gluten may be contained in various food items, so great care needs to be taken when shopping. Here you have an overview of all the food you can eat without worries and those which you should absolutely avoid.

This change to a gluten-free diet is facilitated by the numerous products for those affected by coeliac disease (bread, pasta, cakes, pizza dough, flour, biscuits, sweets, frozen products). These special products are identified by the symbol of a crossed out wheat ear. This symbol guarantees that the product is gluten-free. A further help with your daily diet are the lists of food items provided by the associations for coeliac disease and available in their offices.