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Buckwheat - an all-rounder in flavour

This traditional pseudocereal is gluten-free, but anything but flavour-free.

A power-grain with history: once almost forgotten, buckwheat is experiencing a real renaissance today - especially among people who live gluten-free! The reason is that this extremely versatile pseudo grain can be used for both sweet and salty foods and has a deliciously wholemeal flavour. Buckwheat has slowly won the public’s heart, because with its very special grain shape, excellent nutritional properties and rustic nutty aroma, it brings variety both to gluten-free diets and to our products.

Buckwheat - a child of the Alps

Although buckwheat originally came from Central and East Asia, this gluten-free pseudocereal is at home in the Alps, the home of Schär and a culinary tradition many generations old. As with all our ingredients we pay particular attention to guaranteeing secure gluten-free quality when it comes to buckwheat. Because it thrives so well in Central Europe, this pseudocereal is also part of our RE-CEREAL research project. The innovative cross-border RE-CEREAL project, which we run in cooperation with international partners from the research and private sectors, has set itself the goal of reviving and enhancing the agricultural traditions of the Alpine regions. Oats, millet and buckwheat have always been cultivated in this region and are typical of farming in the high mountains.

However, buckwheat is a little more difficult to cultivate than other pseudocereals. It constantly forms flowers and so the grains ripen at very different times. It also doesn’t like spring frost. The decision to harvest is therefore taken at the time when the farmer expects the highest possible yield.

Buckwheat - our favourite bread!

cereali senza glutine, Grano saraceno, grano saraceno senza glutine, senza glutine, materia prima, ingrediente

Awareness of a healthier lifestyle, and especially the fact that it is gluten-free, means that buckwheat is now celebrating a deserved comeback. This super-grain lends its intense flavour to Schär's selection of dark breads, including: Landbrot Mehrkorn multigrain rustic bread, Landbrot rustic bread, Körnerstange wholegrain stick, Knusperbrot Dunkel dark crispbread, Ciabatta rustica and of course the popular Master Baker's Multigrain. But buckwheat also has a very sweet side, which makes it perfect for use in Schär’s wide range of sweet products. It also makes an excellent contribution to Schär's flour mixes, and especially in Schär's Pasta ai cereali, where it ensures delicious gluten-free flavour.

Buckwheat has what it takes in terms of nutrition and more

Buckwheat is extremely versatile and has a wide range of benefits. It tastes good in a wide variety of dishes and scores highly on our power grain check! It is rich in high-quality fatty acids, vitamins - especially folic acid - minerals, especially magnesium, and trace elements. As far as its amino acids are concerned, lysine, which is essential for bone growth and cell division, is particularly noteworthy. A conscious, wholefood diet has a very positive effect on health. Buckwheat is often used in such diets because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is also a good choice for persons with diabetes, varicose veins and high blood pressure. The secondary plant substances contained in buckwheat, the flavonoids (especially rutin), can also have a positive influence on blood circulation in the smallest blood vessels.

A South Tyrolean stalwart

Buckwheat has played an important and delicious role for us in Schär’s South Tyrolean home since time immemorial. Traditional restaurants and confectioners’ always offer Schwarzplentene Torte, a traditional South Tyrolean cake made from buckwheat, almonds, butter, eggs and sugar. Why not have a go at baking it yourself? A nice tradition, which unfortunately is not very common anymore, is the preparation of the “Schwarzplentenen Riebel” - a kind of rump or polenta made of buckwheat, which is fried with a lot of butter on an open fire. It doesn't matter if they're sweet or savoury - South Tyrolean buckwheat dishes always come with cranberry sauce!