Baking bread is child’s play

Baking bread is child’s play

Baking gluten free bread with Oscar!

Fresh bread arouses emotions and memories. Hardly anyone can resist the desire to bite into aromatic, crispy bread that is still warm from the oven. And why should you have to resist? Baking is child’s play with our ready to bake Bread Mix, even for the inexperienced, who have never made yeast dough before. It can be easily baked either in bread machines or in normal ovens.

Wake up to the aroma of freshly baked bread

A bread machine can help you to become a master baker. And it doesn’t take any effort at all. Because the bread is mixed and baked automatically. The machine can be pre-programmed, so that the white bread loaf is baked freshly just in time for breakfast. All one needs to do is to put in the ingredients, set the bread type, baking mode, browning degree and time et voilá. The machine takes care of the rest.
Oscar, our master chef, has tested out the Kenwood bread machines for you, which are made of high-grade stainless steel and have an extra gluten-free programme: 14 different (kneading and baking) programmes for various types of bread and dough. A 58 minute rapid bake programme. Three browning levels – light, medium and dark, pre-programmable up to 12 hours. Capacity: 500 g, 750 g and 1000 g. The operation of the machine is child’s play and the result is pure enjoyment!

Sweet, salty, hearty, delicate...

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The bread machines ensure that your sweet and salty fantasies are fulfilled: Pumpkin seeds, nuts, olives, tomatoes, dried fruit, fresh fruit, and cinnamon. You can enhance each basic type of dough to suit your own taste and heart’s desire. Read the operating instructions to check whether all of the ingredients can be entered together or if some ingredients should be added after a certain pre-baking period. Fantasy bread creations are a particular summer highlight for picnics and garden parties.
If you want to bake the bread in a normal oven, the dough should be mixed in a kitchen machine, which is much faster than a hand mixer (use the dough hook!), and the dough is guaranteed to have a smooth texture. The preparation in this case is also pretty easy, but it just takes a little more time. In order to ferment, the dough is given the desired shape on the baking tray and then put into the oven, which is preheated at 40° C or 104° F, for around 30 minutes. It is important that the oven is well heated up, after fermenting and before putting in the fermented dough to bake, to ensure that the bread becomes nice and crispy.

Important basic rules

  • Always put liquid ingredients in the bowl first.
  • Measure the ingredients accurately (electronic kitchen scales).
  • Always add yeast (or sourdough) last.
  • Do not add yeast (or sourdough) at the same time as the salt is added.
  • Add spices according to taste: spices add variety and make the bread particularly tasty.
  • Adding fruit, nuts or grains: only add when the acoustic signal resounds. If you add such ingredients too early they may be pulverised by the dough hook.
  • Tip the bread out of the form immediately after baking and allow to cool down on a grid.
  • The baking results also depend on the respective local conditions (soft water, high humidity, high altitude, nature of the ingredients etc.). Therefore, don't lose courage if it doesn't work out the first time!
  • Adapting ingredients: Observe that the proportions must be in accordance with the original recipe.
  • Ensure that the processed ingredients are lukewarm when you bake straight away; when you bake at a preset a time, e.g. overnight or early morning, the ingredients should be cold, so that the yeast doesn’t ferment too early.
  • If you store the bread in a terracotta form it will stay fresh for a longer time.