What is the difference between fresh yeast, dry yeast or baking powder?

What is the difference between fresh yeast, dry yeast or baking powder?


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In contrast to baking powder natural yeast is of biological origin and can be usually found in the shops as fresh or dry yeast. Natural yeast is necessary for bread dough to rise and works best at warm room temperature, when it is damp and when there is enough oxygen. Fresh yeast has a short shelf life and must therefore be stored in a cool and dry place. Dry yeast, however, is long-lasting and can be mixed directly with flour. Fresh yeast on the other hand needs to be dissolved previously in lukewarm water or milk. Natural yeast acts before baking, therefore it is important to let the dough rest before baking. Natural yeast, bred on molasses, is generally gluten-free; yeast types bred on other nutrients (oats, beer yeast) should be avoided with coeliac disease. We use natural yeast in our products of the type "Saccharomyces cerevisiae“, also known as “beer yeast” or industrial yeast, which is gluten-free.

The following products from our range are produced without yeast:

· Wraps

· Knusperbrot

· Knusperbrot Dunkel

· Cereal Flakes

· Corn Flakes

· Choco Müsli

· Fruit Müsli

· Milly Magic

· Avena Haferkeks

· Bisc’Or

· Choco Chip Cookies

· Chocolate O´s

· Cioccolini

· Ciocko Sticks

· Curvies

· Delishios

· Hoops

· Mini Sorrisi

· Nocciolí

· Melto

· Orangino

· Butterkeks - Petit beurre

· Savoiardi

· Wafer Pocket

· Wafers al cacao

· Wafers al limone

· Wafers alla vaniglia

· Wafers alle nocciole

· Cereal Bar

· Chocolix

· Crisp Bar

· Fruit Bar

· Quadritos

· Snack

· Twin Bar

· Carrotinis

· Lemon Cake

· Magdalenas

· Marble Cake

· Muffins

· Muffins Choco

· Pausa Ciok

· Plum Cake

· Soft Waffles

· Gran Cono Panna & Cacao ❄​ ​

· Tiramisú ❄​ ​

· Saltí

· Anellini

· Capelli d’Angelo

· Fusilli

· Gnocchi

· Lasagne all’uovo

· Penne

· Pipe

· Spaghetti​

· Lasagne ❄​

· Farine

· Mix B- Brot Mix

· Mix C- Kuchen & Kekse

· Mix It! Universal

· Mix It Dunkel

· Millefoglie ❄​

· Chicken Fingers ❄​

· Fish Fingers ❄​


· Apple Bisco

· Choco Bisco

· Madeleines Classic

· Madeleines Choco

· Pan Crisp Cereal

· Penne Cereal

· Spaghetti Cereal

Please be aware that at any time recipe changes can take place and that the indications are only valid until the following recipe change!

Baking powder

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In contrast to natural yeast baking powder is used for dough types high in fat and sugar. Hence baking powder is a baking agent of chemical origin (sodium bicarbonate as vector for carbon dioxide and acids or sour salt for the production of CO2). Baking powder must be sieved together with the normal flour which is added to the dough. Unlike natural yeast, baking powder works during the baking process. Baking powder can also contain starch, please pay careful attention to the indicated ingredients. If in doubt, it is better not to use it!