Advantages of a gluten free diet

Advantages of a gluten free diet

Thanks to the gluten free diet, people with gluten intolerance can live without symptoms.

People with coeliac disease must follow a gluten free diet their entire lives. They may not consume even traces of gluten, since they can otherwise do long-lasting damage to their bowel and develop severe deficiency symptoms. In contrast, according to the current state of knowledge, people who have been diagnosed with gluten and wheat sensitivity do not do permanent damage to their bowel and may even be able to tolerate a low-gluten diet after a certain period. However, this must be decided on a case-by-case basis. A gluten free diet can also positively impact irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

If an individual starts with a strict gluten free diet after being diagnosed with IBS, the first positive effects of the change in diet will be visible in a matter of weeks. The symptoms will disappear and the person’s overall well-being and state of health will improve. In addition, in individuals with coeliac disease disease, the lining of the small intestine will regenerate and deficiency symptoms can be off-set. Furthermore, a strict gluten free diet reduces the risk of long-term health problems and prevents accompanying symptoms of coeliac disease from occurring. No matter what type of gluten intolerance you have, if you follow a gluten free diet, you can live free of symptoms. This is also true for some people with irritable bowel syndrome. Around one-third of people with IBS benefit from following a gluten free diet.

Advantages of the gluten free diet:

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  • Antibody values become normal
  • Lining of the small intestine regenerates
  • The risk of follow-on damage diminishes
  • Nutrients are again absorbed and utilised by the body
  • Lost weight will be regained
  • Overall state of health and physical condition improve
  • Control over what one eats improves
  • Quality of life improves and the individual’s well-being is restored
  • Children: normal growth and health development


For people with coeliac disease in particular, switching to a gluten free diet brings about huge impacts on health.